An Ethiopian army caught smuggling illegal Sugar and Oil

An Ethiopian army caught smuggling illegal Sugar and Oil to Jimma using his military his identification shows Gidey Teklu Weldeyohannes is an Army Captain is from ruling clan Tigrai.

The Tigrian business people was benefiting from their corrupt regime until recently people start watching over their corrupt business countrywide and the most corrupt people are in trouble now.Ruling people or a country does not mean that you own every government property and use by group or individually,this is what they think.

this military car was used smuggling sugar and oil

Previously thousandth of bags of sugar was caught in Moyale,Ambo and other areas of the country and nobody has come forward and took the responsibility for this kind of ugly business.

The government institutions has no respect for the law or the constitution they often lecture demonstrators to respect.

The biggest problem is every government institutions are run by this shadowy people that is why the law has deficiency.

Now the local people and police has come forward to uphold law and order and fight for corruption free day.

Just yesterday the Oromia Regional Government posted on its facebook page saying 536 bags of contraband sugar confiscated in Hararge zone were now decided to be sold and help the people who have been displaced from Somali region as conflict continues to grow.

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