10 peaple shot dead and more than 15 wouded in Oromia Ambo Ethiopia

The Ethiopian forces shot killed 10, among them is 13 year old boy and 3 girls shot to death and wounded around 20 in Oromia Ambo town.Most of them who were killed got hit on the head. The Agazi unit who takes part in such mass killing is special Ethiopian forces who is super armed with top military equipment and known for it’s brutal and indiscriminate killings.This special forces also used sniper a type of a gun used only in war zone,staging on roadside buildings to kill anyone who passes by the road.


 On Wednesday when protesters blocked trucks belonging to the national sugar company which transports sugar to Addis Ababa or Makele, the city of the ruling party as we call it a place where only unusable stone grows. last month the same kind of tracks were fully loaded with 4000 plus bags of sugar making unusual movement to the south to Kenya and caught by Oromia Police and people in Moyale and returned back its production site.

The irony is all the sugar production site is located in Oromia only and this tracks takes sugar from Oromia to north part of the country and they return to Oromia region empty just to take and go,but no body have been questioning that since Oromo has so many un addressed issues from the government but  the rise of price and this recent fishy story made people to look into their resource, how its used and how its helping the people.

The Ethiopian people have long known how the top ranking government officials has made fortune out of their power but questions are emerging how to stop them from sucking into the Ethiopian economy and leave people into ash.

In this case protesters were blocking roads to cut the sugar transportation going out of their area when sugar is so expensive,the solution should be cutting the price to affordable price not cutting people into grave.

There are many many option if the government wants to chase away people of the street before deciding to shot them but it’s just can’t satisfy them because they are thirsty of our blood.Yes the World should know the Ethiopian people are ruled by bunch of criminals and corrupt and lying vicious clowns.  

people have said the Federal and Agazi forces purposely put on fire those tracks which is blocked by protesters to justify the killing.The Ethiopan government recently played a drama through its cadres by giving them an OLF flag which is labelled terrorist by the regime and bombs,then this cadres seamlessly played some violent action drama in front of protesters until people and regular police suspected them and arrested them in different Oromia region. 

When arrested this people were found with bombs,hand guns,opposition flags,money and multiple individual identity cards which they use it according to the area they visit. Misleading the Oromo protesters to go violent so they could able to validate their claims,that this protests are indeed violent and they are allowed to kill them.

Another aim is to totally sabotage and change the symbolic modern Oromo protest against tyranny to give an image that is equal to a violent terrorism so that we the most peaceful struggle making will be understood by the world as terrorist.

  • Bullet found
  • The identification show his ethnicity is Tigre.
  • pamphlet written in Oromo to give to people and mislead when he cant speak one.
  • Gun found
  • gun and bomb
  • Flag and bomb

As we have seen many times before, this minority led government is lived on and benefited from conflict and ethnic tension  created purposely to create fear and showed up as the solution then fooling many of its citizens.This approach will also guaranty the support from the west as war on terrorism is their major interest in the horn of African region.

Another tactic which is played by this government cadres is that they also started attacks on regional government institutions to divert tension and create bad relation then push the regional government to take action against its poor population and stand with government in condemning the peaceful demos.


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